Monday, 11 July 2005

London bombings (3)

AN asked if I had read anything in The Guardian about the Ahmadi reaction to the bombings. His son normally takes the number 30 bus from Marble Arch to Russell Square and sometimes takes the tube[2] from Edgware Road. He could have been at any of the three explosions that morning. He overslept.
I don't get The Guardian everyday but I did check the website and didn't find anything. I did find the following comment which I thought was excellent:
‘This is not a time for many words,’ he said in his sermon, urging them to rejoice in the capital's rich diversity of cultures, traditions, ethnic groups and faiths. ‘There is one small practical thing that we can all do. We can name the people who did these things as criminals or terrorists. We must not name them as Muslims.’
Father Paul Hawkins of St Pancras parish church